Collaborative Arrangements

Projects in the health care field frequently raise issues in other fields of law, and in such cases, our attorneys often collaborate with attorneys with expertise in those specialty areas.  We have established such collaborative relationships over the course of many years, and therefore we are able to identify and enlist the assistance of highly qualified attorneys in these fields.  We do this in a particular case only after discussion with our client and with the client’s approval.  Depending on the particular situation, our client either will deal directly with the other attorney(s), or we will utilize the attorney(s) as a resource and our client will communicate with the other attorney(s) as desired.

We believe this approach gives our clients the benefits of a large firm that provides legal expertise in many areas, except that we are not limited to selecting attorneys from within our particular firm or office. Among the areas in which we have collaborated with other attorneys are the following:

Antitrust s Bankruptcy and Creditors' Rights
Labor and Employment s Litigation
Real Estate s Securities s Tax