Medical Spas / Med Spas

Saphier and Heller attorneys represent medical spas and physicians participating in med spas.  Where medical spas are owned by non-physicians, we provide advice regarding the various regulatory issues that govern financial and professional practice arrangements between physicians and non-physicians.  These include anti-kickback (fraud and abuse) laws, fee-splitting, corporate practice of medicine, unprofessional conduct, and clinic licensing issues.  We also provide advice regarding physician supervision requirements.

Please see Legal Wrinkles in Med Spas, by Michael D. Saphier, appearing in Healthy Aging (January/February 2006), and Legal Wrinkles Need Attention, appearing in Southern California Physician (August 2005).

Additionally, many of the types of legal services that we provide generally are applicable to medical spas.  Please see PRACTICE AREAS in this website.

Types of Clients...