Weight Loss Clinics

Saphier and Heller's work for weight loss clinics involves a significant number of legal issues under California law, particularly where non-physician investors are involved.  In addition to presenting the same types of issues as are raised in connection with the organization of other clinics (see clinics and urgent care centers), the clinics’ provision of prescription medications, including controlled substances, necessitate an organizational structure in keeping with various California laws which have been modified frequently in recent years.

These additional laws include statutes governing the furnishing and dispensing of prescription drugs, special requirements where controlled substances are involved, and specific rules relating to a prescriber’s furnishing or administering of such drugs in the clinic.  Also, where patients are seen by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, additional requirements must be considered relating to the scope of authority of such health care practitioners generally, as well as to special limitations in connection with their authority to furnish or order prescription drugs and controlled substances.

Please see PRACTICE AREAS in this website for additional types of work that we do for various types of clinics.

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