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Articles published by Saphier and Heller attorneys include the following:

Better Billing Contracts, appearing in Southern California Physician (January 2007)

Medical billing companies' standard contracts vary widely, but they frequently share common shortcomings.  Among the most important of these is the contract's inadequate description of the billing company's obligations.  Since physicians often simply sign the company's standard contract without changes, the contract's shortcomings can present problems if the physician is not happy with the company's performance or if the physician suspects the company is not doing the job it should be doing.

Legal Wrinkles in Med Spas,  appearing in Healthy Aging (January/February 2006):

Medical advances in non-invasive cosmetic medical procedures have spawned the rapidly growing popularity of medical spas.  Medical spas often operate in conjunction with non-medical day spas, but combining medical and non-medical activities raises thorny legal issues.  Among the most important of these are issues raised under state anti-kickback, fee-splitting and corporate practice of medicine laws.

Legal Wrinkles Need Attention, Too, appearing in Southern California Physician (August 2005):

Medical spas are growing in popularity, and often the medi-spa operates side-by-side with a non-medical “day spa.”  This article addresses various California regulatory provisions that are implicated by these arrangements, including anti-kickback laws, supervision requirements, unprofessional conduct issues, and clinic licensing laws.

Medical Spa Ownership, by Mai Pham, Trends Editor, including an interview of Michael D. Saphier, appearing in Aesthetic Trends (January/February 2006)